Email Marketing Training in Chennai

Lite Mentors is one of the best email marketing training institutes in Chennai. We offer professional and practical email marketing course which helps to grow your business and generate more leads. we pay personal attention to each and every individual students in the system and understand their learning curve. We take our commitment make you understand the complete email marketing techniques and terms used.

Apart from training you in email marketing courses we do work along with you in understanding your business goals and to mentor you along the journey.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a strategy used to increase a business sales or conversion by sending a product details or business proposal to those customers who are interested in your products or services.

Internet and it’s usage has increased in the reason times. Almost every individual have access to at least one email account on their smartphones. By taking the advantage of the recent technology on email any business can target their interested users using their email id.

Is email marketing effective way of increasing conversions?

Email marketing is really and effective technology to be used for growing a conversion of any business but it works very well only when our targeted customers are reached on their inbox. In order to have very high conversion rate the customers must have interest in the product or services that we are dealing with.

What will you learn from us?

After enrolling for email marketing course you will become involved in creating email marketing campaigns, adding a list of email addresses to your contact list, Email copy writing, email etiquette, Understanding the drive Open rate, Click rate conversion rate.

Course Description and Syllabus

  • Getting Started with Email
  • Requirements for Email marketing
  • How to create email database?
  • Types of email templates
  • Email client
  • Email marketing best practices
  • Analytics and reporting