Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Join Lite Mentor's Digital Marketing Course in Chennai with an institute which offers the learning at anytime anywhere. Be obsessed with our training until you get your result. A training institute that values your time, your career goal, understanding your challenges financially and professionally.
We will try to understand your goal behind starting your digital marketing course. Create and execute a plan, make the logic implemented by you.

We have a solution and a perfect planning for completing your digital marketing course successfully. The biggest challenge anyone facing in learning is the process of identifying the time for visiting a training institute.

Digital Marketing Course Schedules and Timings

Digital Marketing Course Schedules Lite Mentors Digital Marketing Course Training Institute
Digital Marketing Course Schedules Lite Mentors Digital Marketing Course Training Institute

Lite Mentors Digital Marketing Course in Chennai Highlights

First of all, Lite Mentors is not like a typical training institute that concentrates on admission head count, selling certificates and certifications. We are ahead of the so called traditional training organizations.

We offer super premium service oriented training institute who's goal is to work with every professional who would like to take Digital Marketing as Career. We teach digital marketing and we implement them in our business too. We stand by our word. We take instructor led online session that helps anyone to see and experience the product.

Our role is to act as a positive catalyst in your training process and become a mentor or digital marketing consultant for your future digital marketing endeavors.

Here are few information that makes us unique.
  • A dedicated and passionate trainer who has hands on experience on Blogging, Ads Management, Freelancing.
  • The trainer is also the co-founder and there is no problem of arranging or changing the trainer in between the course.
  • We not only train you in digital marketing, we mentor you even after the training for real time projects.
  • We offer any time support via Whats App, Phone Call, and Google Meet. You can continue our classes even if you are travelling abroad.
  • Option of classroom and online is available and hence you can connect from anywhere anytime and start learning. We save you time, money and traveling hassle. 

Our Results Will Speak! 

Leaders understand that they are not paid for the work, instead they are paid for the results. Look at the review and feedback shared by our digital marketing students. This will support you to make a decision to choose the right trainer and institute.

More knowledgeable and expert in training with a practical live situation. His teachings made me confidence in the Digital Marketing field.   His training in depth of fundamentals of the topic, made me easy to adopt to the new trends in Digital marketing.   Thanks for your support sir.

Mr. Amudhakumar is a professional trainer. His insights about Digital marketing is fabulous. His step by step training gives vast knowledge even for a non IT professionals. I vote for him. Guys who are interested in DM should get trained from him.

I did my digital marketing course by Amudha kumar sir it was awesome. I got advance knowledge about digital marketing. Within 40 days i got job as digital marketing executive.

Got trained here. A very good, friendly digital marketing trainer. One can gain a lot from his knowledge and experience. He is open to all of your doubts, any time.

The Best Coach is a Good Motivator. I Feel Proud of what I Learned from him Thank You Very Much Sir

There is a popular saying "Slow and steady wins the race". Mr. Amudha kumar took it so seriously and helped me to understand basic concepts of digital marketing. Real time examples of how to write a content, placing an ad in Google and off page optimization helped me to understand how exactly marketing works digitally. I would personally recommend to take up a class with sir and his way of teaching is simple to the core.

One of the best digital marketing training institute in Chennai For everyone,Who have Planning There dream in digital marketing.Amudha kumar sir teaching was really an excellent.Such a Motivational and Technically brilliant person i know.

I personally thank Mr. Amudhakumar sir for teaching digital marketing with in depth knowledge. His online sessions are most preferable, Best way to learn digital marketing with live projects, live applications. I even got job before completing my course, and also am able to take freelance works when covering half topics itself.

Mr.Amudhakumar is one of the best trainer. I like so much the way of approach and teaching method. I am not promoting a  Lite Mentors. But there is providing a wonderful training. You (Mr.Amudhakumar)are always rock👌👌

When i completed my UG degree ..I'm interested to study an digital marketing course..I found lot of DM COURSE in Chennai but comparing to the reviews and talking to institute it's not satisfied for last I call to lite mentors DM institute in Chennai in there Trainer MR . Amudhakumar spoke to me an confident about DM course and I atten demo class with amudhakumar sir ..I learn lot of ideas and confident to learn digital marketing ..There is also online class  but I preferred in institute training....In my side I prefer the best Trainer for digital marketing course Mr amudhakumar sir at litementors institute.. Honest review form my side : thank you

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Requirements for Digital Establishment
    • Google Account
    • Website
    • Smartphone / Internet Connection
    • Social Media Account
Module 2: Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO
  • Creating content and writing content
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Embedding Video in website
  • Youtube Optimization  
Off-Page SEO
  • Social Media Activity
  • Link Building Techniques
Module 3: Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Traffic Ads
  • Sales and Conversion Ads
  • Lead Generation
    • Call Only Ads
    • Lead form Submission
  • Branding and Reach Campaign
  • App Installation Campaign
  • Video Promotion
Module 4: Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Tiktok
Module 5: Social Media Marketing
  • Website Traffic Ads
  • Sales and Conversion Ads
  • Lead Generation
  • Branding and Reach Campaign
  • App Installation Campaign
  • Video Promotion
Module 6: Content Promotion Strategy

Module 7: Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 8: Monetization 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Direct Ads
Module 9: Digital Marketing Tools
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Course Fees in Chennai

The Digital Marketing Course Price in Chennai varies from 10,000 INR to 83,000 INR based on different institutes. We at Lite Mentors offers single price for the complete course. We strongly believe that learning the course completely without leaving any modules due to financial constraints is not a fair deal. Anyone learning Digital Marketing from Lite Mentors must become knowledgeable in every aspect of the domain. Hence, we do not offer multiple pricing options.

Our digital marketing course fee is Rs.25,000. You can pay the fee based on your choice. Making the complete payment in a single time is a great source for us. However, it may not be a feasible option for you. Hence, we offer the option to attend 2 classroom training and 2 online training for free. Once you are satisfied, you can initiate your first payment (Minimum 10,000). After 15 days you may initiate the second payment (Minimum 10,000). You may make the remaining payment in another 10 days (5000 INR).

What do You Get for the 25,000 Course Fee Paid to Lite Mentors?

By enrolling yourself in the Lite Mentors Digital Marketing Course, you will get the following choices:
  • Connecting to any session anytime from any where
  • A life time access to Digital Marketing Course Material / Document.
  • Any time support via Whatsapp and Phone call
  • A personal blog / website to practice your learning in action
  • Association with real time digital marketing executives
  • Introduction to real time projects
  • After Course completion support for real time project
  • Grow your own business by yourself by performing digital marketing
  • Association to whats app group with the Alumni of Lite Mentors and professionals working in the real time projects. 
  • A mentors for supporting you anytime for getting your doubts clarified.
  • A course completion certificate from Lite Mentors.
  • Placement support until you get placed.

Lite Mentor's Digital Marketing Course Duration

While the digital marketing course duration and fees is related to each other, with Lite Mentors, the digital marketing course time period varies from 2 months to 3 months based on your learning curve.

If you can understand the concepts easily, apply and start seeing the results, you can complete the course in 2 months. We will support you to get placements by helping you complete the respective certifications like google, SEO and Facebook.

If you find it difficult to understand the concept and struggling to cope up, we will work with you to help you understand the concept with real time examples until you understand. In some scenarios, it may even take 6 months to complete the course.

We will make sure that you become comfortable in digital marketing platform and independent to handle real time projects. You need to associate with us until you get what you are expecting from Lite Mentors. 

Online Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Learning Online Digital Marketing Course has become the common practices now. Earlier people were skeptical about  online digital marketing courses with certificates. However, due to the awareness of the digital marketing platform and insufficient time, people started opting for digital marketing online course in tamil too.

Based on our experience, working professionals always demand weekend sessions. This is because, they feel that they don't have time in the week days. However, after attending our counseling call, they realize that they can easily figure out 1 hour a day in the morning or evening to get trained in digital marketing concepts.

The online marketing course by google will help you to get the knowledge required to complete digital marketing course certified by google. This will be a theoretical knowledge and few people feel that the course is too technical. This is where the trainers like us fall in to the picture. We help you to understand the concepts easily by sharing our personal experience and real time examples with stories.

Advantages of Handling Online Session Are:

  • Save time and money in traveling
  • Easy to cancel / reschedule the session
  • Connect from anywhere even if you are traveling
  • Mother of 6 months old baby can attend our early morning or late evening session from home.
  • Business people need not miss the sessions due to travel plan and client meeting
  • Connect to any session at any time (Multiple Session a day)
  • Access to the customized online document
  • College students can attend in morning or evening session.

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai with Placement

Placement is a hook word used to get the attention of the people who are badly looking for job opportunities. Anyone can get complete Digital Marketing Certification Course by Google and get certified by self. All it needs is the knowledge.

If you have knowledge of the product, you can always get yourself certified in any topics. Here at Lite Mentors, we will give you the complete knowledge (Practical and Theoretical) required to complete the assessment.

After completing the certification, we will prepare you for interview process by

  • Help you identify your strength and weakness and assist you in improving those areas.
  • Helping you to updating your CV to meet the current requirements of your knowledge.
  • Teach you the process of identifying the job opportunities related to your expertise.
  • Share the Job opening and opportunities to you and help you get placed
  • We train you to learn the entrepreneur skills to help you become a independent digital marketer. 

Digital Marketing Course in Tamil

The people from Tamilnadu love to learn any platform in Tamil language. It is our pride and heritage of our state. We will prefer to teach the Digital Marketing Course in Tamilnadu in Tamil medium. There are hundreds of videos and materials available in foreign language. However, the material and training sessions in Tamil are not available.

For those students who prefers Tamil medium of education will receive the base session Tamil. However, it will be a combination of both Tamil and English.

Digital Marketing Course by Google

Google offers the digital marketing course in India named Digital Unlocked. This is a online course with recorded videos. You can watch videos one after another and take assessments to clear the same. Once the assessment is complete, you will be rewarded with a course completion certificate. This is one of the best course for business people who are looking forward to learn digital marketing basics.

Google also offers course for all of their products. You can access the Skill Shop website of google and gather all the knowledge.

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai in Quora

Quora is a question or answers portal which is receiving overwhelming response from all the people who are looking forward to an answer for a particular question. People ask any question which they want to know and professional from the respective industries are notified to give answer to the particular question and answer from expert in the industry reaches raised the question.

However the platform is designed to raise questions and to answer by anyone who has account with Quora. The small problem with Quora platform is that not all the profiles who are sharing the answers are expert in the industry and the probability of people with profile submitting information are also part of the process.

It is we should learn the art of validating the information in order to take action for our for the proceedings. While reading an answer from Quora profile, make sure that you check out the credibility of the person who is sharing and answer with you. We can consider that he is one of the right person to listen from.

The important thing we need to consider while reading answers on Quora is that if the answer is written with an intention to help you out to get sufficient information we can easily understand the intention of the user that he is trying to help. In few scenarios the answer in Britain exclusively to promote and negative marking effect on a particular brand or product or service. We need to strong the believe and also respect their opinion on their negative aspects however it is our responsibility to validate whether the information shared is legitimate.

With respect to our industry there is a question name which is the best digital marketing training institute in Chennai and it has more than 20 plus answers. Few answer to these questions are from those people who are promoting particular brand the service simply by sharing their course details price location and batch details. The saddest part is similar information is shared with sales intention using multiple profiles. Few answers are written with the intention to bring out the original nature of a particular product or service and it is we will be smart enough to understand which is the legitimate content and also which is just a promotional material.

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai Sulekha

Sulekha is a one of the platform offering business to customer solutions for every category and location. If you are looking for digital marketing course in areas like Vadapalani, Kodambakkam, Anna Nagar, Velachery and any other areas in Chennai, the listing from Sulekha, or just dial will be shown.

Sulekha is targeting people with the keyword Job training. One such example of the keyword is Digital marketing job training in Chennai. You can get the different training institute profiles from Sulekha and start your course. End of the day, learn to validate a training institute before starting your digital marketing training or course in Chennai.

Final Words

Weather you take Digital Marketing Course in Chennai  using online platform, classroom training, or learning from a blogger, or any digital marketing training institute, we make our program very unique. Lite Mentors will be the solution for your day to day challenges that is stopping you from learning digital marketing. Register for the Demo Session if you are interested.