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Lite Mentors helps you to enhance your career with IT skills in Digital Marketing and Internet technologies that will set you ahead of the pack. Learn from experienced and skilled instructors who have been in the field for years. 
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Our instructors will have you confident and industry ready so you can look forward to a promising career in the IT industry.

A Shining Career in the Digital Industry Awaits You!

Whether you are a fresher trying to get a foothold in the IT industry, a professional looking forward to embellishing your resume, or a business looking to enhance their employees’ skills to meet industry standards, Lite Mentors has something to offer everyone.


Lite Mentors has been established with a focus on providing the latest and in-depth IT-related education and real-time, hands-on training. Our name reflects our vision: To instruct in a way that is simple and easy to grasp, and mentor our students every step of the way and firmly plant them on the road to a fulfilling and promising career.

We limit the size of our classes to ensure every student gets one-on-one attention. We provide an open platform for learning where students are encouraged to voice their ideas and opinions. This fosters a learning system where while students learn, share and grow in knowledge and ideas. Our state-of-art learning facility provides a hands-on experience where students can put into practice their knowledge, and hone their practical skills. 

LiteMentors provides a well-rounded education supplemented with extensive training that thoroughly prepares you for a promising career in software and technology. A Shining Career in the IT Industry Awaits You!

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