Friday, March 13, 2020

What is local SEO?

Any organization can grow their business using SEO strategy. If the company is targeting customers across the globe, they can use any method to target keywords that are not restricted to any location. If the company targets people with in a limited region like 5 Km radius, then the process used to drive targeted visitors is called Local SEO.

Google is the leading search engine right now. You can list your business in Google maps and it is the effective method to receive local business inquiries. When your business is listed and visible to the public whenever they search for a product or service it will be shown to them. The important factor is it will be highly relevant and the audience will be targeted. The conversion will be a easy process to handle. 

What is Local SEO?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free platform for every business to establish online and drive in the targeted visitors using search engines and maps. Any business can be listed in Google My Business and once the business information is verified, it will be displayed to the public whenever they Search on internet. 

Google my business allows any business owner to upload their product catalog details, price details.

Benefits of Google My Business

Business man can manage their business information that is displayed to the customer. The information like business name, contact number, address, website, services offered. Members of the Google local guide program can also contribute to the ratings and reviews of any service. They can also add videos, photos and validate the information. 

What is Google Local Guide?

Google local guide is a open source platform that is used to update any business information to add new business into the Google Maps. Anyone who has a Google account can become a Google local guide and start contributing towards rating review and also photos videos products or services along with validation.

Google rewards those people who contributed towards having this information and they get benefits. 

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