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What are keywords?

Introduction to Keywords

If you are having a website that receives traffic through organic sources then you are undertaking the advantage of keywords and its impact of attracting relevant customers to your website. In this article we are going to discuss in detail about what is the keyword and the process of researching and selecting the perfect Cuba for tracking the relevant and targeted customers to your website.

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What Are Keywords?

Keyboard is a phrase maybe one word or two word three word or long tail keyword that are fed into search engine to search the related information. In my understanding the keyword of the word that is given in the first box is acting as a key to show the highly relevant information to the user's experience and hence it is called as keyboard. In simple terms these words act as a key to unlock more related content.

Choose Your Target Keywords for Your Website

Use the best words for your quest by relying on the keywords that are appropriate for your web. Once you have identified a keyword, if you can not give a conversion for the keywords you are targeting, it doesn't make sense to target them.

  • Target  keywords that can potentially bring customers.
  • Avoid using one word, two words, and three words keywords for a new website. 
  • Use Long Tail Keywords to get the exact information your visitors are looking for.
  • If required use tools like, google keyword planner tool
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